Friends of Dohnavur

Supporters of the Dohnavur Fellowship, South India, from around the world.

Welcome to the Friends of Dohnavur

We are a large number of individual Christians from countries all around the world, who are friends and supporters of the Dohnavur Fellowship in South India, and the work they are doing to care for the needs of poor and vulnerable people.

The Dohnavur Fellowship works towards holistic development, running projects across the areas of Child Development, Education, Health Care, Community Development & Conservation of Nature. Founded in 1901 by Amy Carmichael (fondly known as ‘Amma’) as a home for rescued children, the work of the fellowship, has through the years expanded to all its current facets.

Today this good work continues as an independently-run Indian Christian Organization comprising many descendents of the Fellowship who grew up and chose to dedicate their lives to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others in need.